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SEGWAY promotion

Use Segway for your promotion event!

A Segway transporter is a perfect marketing tool, eye-catching and highly mobile advertising medium. Use Segway for promoting your product, giving out leaflets or samples and enhance your marketing campaign!


SEGWAY experience

Use Segway for your corporate event!

Segway transporters will be a fun addition to your company party or a team-building event. Segway Point not only provides Segway transporters but we also organize an entire Segway program for you according to your ideas and wishes.


SEGWAY gift certificate

A Segway gift certificate is a perfect present for your family members or friends!

We seeking for cooperation partners

If You Are:

or any other business in the tourism industry and would like to cooperate with our official SEGnROLL Tour operator in Budapest!

We will be glad to establish a partnership with you.

SEGnRoll Budapest
1052. Bp. Szervita sq 8 / Fehér hajó st 8
Entrance of Orco car park - at Hi-Bike rental
Phone: +36-30-900-8448